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Ellesea SimsWelcome to my simblr! Ellesea stands for "LC" which is the anagram of my main blog, LaCorpse.

Every so often I'll want to play this sims, so I've decided to make a side blog dedicated to the sims I play and their stories.

I also want to share these sims and items that I make for CC. So If you stick around, you may find some goodies in the future.
July 01st 2014 100 Followers!

Sooo, I have 100 followers now! Looks like I’ll be making a 100 follower gift ^_~

Sorry I’ve been un-active, I’ve been playing a lot of WoW lately >_> so maybe I’ll start working on a new tattoo set for you guys here in a bit! 


boutthatpixellife asked:

hi, wcif this hair? /post/88370580862


idk its a really old hair by peggy and idk where i can find a link or retexture or something.. publishing in case anyone knows

I found it! Its Peggy’s 000334 hair. You can find a retexture of it here.


elleseasims reblogged your photoset and added:

Eeeee the first time some one’s used my CC for one…

:3 i love your tattoos! they’re soooo awesome!

You don’t know how happy that makes me :)

June 14th 2014 So close to 100 followers!

Hmmm… what should I make for my first follower’s gift? Maybe a sim? Or a hair & tattoo set!? OR A SIM WITH CUSTOM HAIR & TATS? I dunno…